written by JoseQMarch 26,2020
Dyson Produced Ventilators


Known for moving air powerfully in many directions, Dyson has announced today that they have designed and started producing ventilators to help with the CoVid19 crisis in the UK. Apparently, the company went from a phone call into a working design in only 10 days. It is now scheduled to produce 15,000 units to send to hospitals in the UK.

As you see in the image, the ventilator is mounted on the bed, and can run on battery power if necessary. The unit is seeking approval for use in hospitals though it is expected to pass through this process fairly quickly.

Interestingly, this was met with controversy in the twitterverse:

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

In today's world, political motivations and under the table deals seem to always be the first justification for out of the blue announcements. That said, with the ongoing crisis, we will probably need as many companies as possible producing ventilators. If we can't get this thing under control or if we all rush out too early, we will be needing more and more of these things. Good on Dyson for jumping in. I suspect the Tesla ventilator is not too far behind.

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