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Prime Video Cinema


Not to be outdone by other Pay Per View options, Amazon has added a "Cinema" section to their Prime Video collection. If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you will notice that their Video app (or video interface on your Fire TV) now offers a "Cinema" section, listing movies which would currently be playing in theaters if, you know, they were open.

In this section you will find titles such as "The Invisible Man", "The Hunt" and Ben Affleck's "The Way Back" along with many other recently released titles.

I'll give you a quick reminder that "Onward" will be available in Disney in less than two weeks.

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

I suppose most people have a favorite On-Demand / Pay Per View platform, but Amazon's prime video is available on just about any streaming device out there. Whether it's on a TV streaming device (Roku, Fire TV and even an Apple TV) or a portable tablet or phone, you can install the prime video app and watch these films. Oh, it's also available on most current generation video game consoles. So if you want to stream current movies, there's no easier time than now.

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