written by JoseQMarch 16,2020
The $35K Tesla


A lot of my friends are still surprised when I tell them they can get a brand new Tesla for $35,000. It's true, Tesla doesn't advertise this version and unless you're "in the know", it's hard to find out (or remember) that it still exists.

Edmunds took it upon themselves to go through the process, get this $35,000 seemingly non-existent car, and make a video review about it. Best of all, they're actually happy with the car. In some ways, it's even better than their older, and not basic, Model 3.

Check out their video review right here:

JoseQ's Look at this Thing

It's hard to argue against the Model 3 being the best car you can get for your money. It's also hard to argue for it. Most people won't believe me. The amount of car you get for that money is superb even without taking into consideration the amount of savings you'll get over time: Gas, Maintenance, Time! At $35K, there is simply no comparison. See for yourself in the video above, then fight me in the comments.

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