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Send Your Face to Space | May 15
If you're a Class of 2020 Student that is
Did you know that NASA and SpaceX are set to launch astronauts to space at the end of the month? This is a series of firsts: First time ever for SpaceX, first time for NASA since the Space Shuttle, first time with humans for the Crew Dragon [...more]

PS5 Controller Revealed | April 7
It's called DualSense. Coming with the PS5
Today, Sony officially announcedJoseQ's Look at this Thing I'm glad Sony finally gave their controllers a significant refresh. It felt like we had been using the same controllers for a few generations now. This is a noticeable redesign on an already [...more]

Spying on the Scammers | March 17
An Exposé on Tech Support Scammers
If you've ever seen your computer act like the image above, or something similarly scary where it claims your computer has been hacked, chances are you haven't been hacked yet. This really is the first step of a social engineering hack, and what you [...more]

Xbox Series X Specs Revealed | March 15
NVMe SSD, Raytracing, Load Time Demo Inside
Microsoft has elaborated on the kickassery the Xbox Series X promises to be. Despite news of their release date potentially slide into 2021, Microsoft still stands by their originally planned release date of this coming Holiday season. So what was [...more]

Ryzen 9 3900X Discounted! | March 9
20% Discount on a Top Ranking 12-Core CPU
Are you looking for an excellent deal on a CPU? Look no further than this ultra powerful 12-core CPU. Boasting a very fast 3.8GHz base frequency per core, this is going to give you performance like few other CPUs (Desktop or otherwise) can give you. [...more]

New AMD CPU Vulnerability? | March 7
Maybe there is, maybe there isn't
In a new paper released by the Graz University of Technology, researchers claim to have found a new exploit that affects CPUs designed/released by AMD between 2011 and 2019. We're talking about millions of CPUs out in the wild, many of which are [...more]

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