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Star Wars Squadrons | June 15
The Space Shooter You Are Looking For
A few days ago, Electronic Arts announced that June 15th would be the release date for the teaser trailer for their upcoming game: "Star Wars: Squadrons". If you've been waiting for a decent space shooter since the days of X-Wing or Freelancer, this [...more]

Watch SpaceX Launch Astronauts Today! | May 27
Today is the day SpaceX Launches Astronauts for the 1st Time
Today is the day! NASA is finally launching astronauts from US soil for the first time since the days of the Space Shuttle. While that feels like it happened a lifetime ago, it was only in 2011 that we last saw that happen. Since then, NASA has [...more]

Send Your Face to Space | May 15
If you're a Class of 2020 Student that is
Did you know that NASA and SpaceX are set to launch astronauts to space at the end of the month? This is a series of firsts: First time ever for SpaceX, first time for NASA since the Space Shuttle, first time with humans for the Crew Dragon [...more]

Space Force Trailer | May 5
The latest comedy show from Netflix
Well well well... Netflix has released the trailer for Steve Carrell's newest comedy show: Space Force! Developed by the same crew that was superbly successful with The Office, this show looks to bring lots of joy to those who wanted more doses of [...more]

Monday Movies & Memes | April 13
Looks at some Movies & Meme Things
Want to watch some interesting Movies and Memes? I know, I know, these are videos and not quite "movies" but videos would break my alliteration. Yes, I could've gone with moving pictures, but that's just doesn't sound as cool. I also looked and there [...more]

Starlink Mission Success | March 18
60 satellites join the constellation, but...
SpaceX got to launch their fifth (operational) Starlink mission this morning out of Cape Canaveral. Coincidentally, this was the fifth launch for their first stage Falcon 9 rocket, which likely ended up being its last. The rocket missed the landing [...more]

Starlink Launch Gets New Date | March 16
Sunday's last second aborted launch is scheduled for Wednesday
If you were watching Sunday during SpaceX's live webcast of their latest Starlink launch, you were likely surprised and perhaps briefly scared when at the last second (literally at countdown 0:00), the Falcon 9 launch was aborted. The system's [...more]

Seesaw Market Preview | March 10
Dow Futures markedly up
After a record 2,000 point drop yesterday, the Dow Futures are up over 1,000 in pre-market trading. Are we entering a market of record volatility? The reasons for this are speculative at best: Italy on total lockdown (which I guess means the virus [...more]

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