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Watch SpaceX Launch Astronauts Today! | May 27
Today is the day SpaceX Launches Astronauts for the 1st Time
Today is the day! NASA is finally launching astronauts from US soil for the first time since the days of the Space Shuttle. While that feels like it happened a lifetime ago, it was only in 2011 that we last saw that happen. Since then, NASA has [...more]

Send Your Face to Space | May 15
If you're a Class of 2020 Student that is
Did you know that NASA and SpaceX are set to launch astronauts to space at the end of the month? This is a series of firsts: First time ever for SpaceX, first time for NASA since the Space Shuttle, first time with humans for the Crew Dragon [...more]

SXSW2020 Going Online | April 2
They partner with Amazon for a limited festival run
UPDATE: The date is set. April 27 through May 6 is when the SXSW viewing period will be happening. Original Article After the very sane decision to cancel the SXSW, which usually runs in early March, it appears the organizers have found a venue for [...more]

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