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Unreal Engine 5 Preview | May 13
Photorealistic Graphics Leveled Up
Epic Games has released a preview of their up and coming Unreal Engine V and I have to say this looks astonishing! This is a nine minute video which is mostly a real-time rendering of a Tomb Raider game in real time. The details on this cave are jaw [...more]

Samsung CHG90 49 inch monitor | April 9
A quick look and giving away of this ultrawide monitor
You've probably seen this monitor somewhere. It's been around for a few years. I'm guessing it has probably sold in minuscule quantities, which makes sense considering both its price tag and its massive size. The Samsung CHG90 is a 49" monitor that [...more]

PS5 Controller Revealed | April 7
It's called DualSense. Coming with the PS5
Today, Sony officially announcedJoseQ's Look at this Thing I'm glad Sony finally gave their controllers a significant refresh. It felt like we had been using the same controllers for a few generations now. This is a noticeable redesign on an already [...more]

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